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About the company

Equipping the warrior class; Supporting American Liberties, and Protecting Families

The Primary Purpose of 2-Swords Tactical & Defense

Is to equip America's "Warrior Class," because we realize that our freedoms are not free. Our warriors are always on constant alert, protecting our national interests abroad, our borders, and our local citizens every single moment of every day. To honor them, 2-ST&D wants to make sure all of our brave soldiers, sailors, marines, lawmen, and first-responders have the equipment they need to continue in their calling.

The Secondary Mission

of the 2-ST&D is to support the American Liberties guaranteed by our nation's Constitution. The freedoms we enjoy have been paid for with blood and sacrifice of many that came before us; from all races and walks of life. As a company, we are committed to upholding and defending the Constitutional Rights of law-abiding citizens, so we may all enjoy the gifts of free speech, freedom of worship, and private property - now and for future generations.

And Finally

The third part of the 2-ST&D mission is the protection of families by providing quality tactical equipment and education to make our homes, businesses, and churches less susceptible to crime. Home invasions, mass shootings, and brazen robberies are constantly in the news. 2-ST&D is focused on making sure law-abiding citizens have the means to lawfully defend themselves against those who wish to harm them for what they have worked so hard to attain. After all, what good is personal freedoms, if we don't have the means to defend them?