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  • on orders over $1000


FFL Transfer Services - Firearms purchased from other dealers

2 Swords Tactical can receive any class-1 firearm purchased from an authorized dealer, or legal owner in the United States.  Please call or email to coordinate details, prior to having anything ship to my location.  

Once the owner or dealer shipping your firearm is confirmed, 2-Swords will initiate the transfer process. The fee for this service is $35 for a single serial number, and $15 per additional. NOTE THAT THE TRANSFER FEE ONLY APPLIES TO FIREARMS PURCHASED FROM OTHER DEALERS, AND SHIPPED TO ME FOR TRANSFER SERVICES.  IF YOU BUY DIRECTLY FROM MY WEBSITE OR STORE, NO ADDITONAL FEES APPLY!!! 

We will run the background check, using the NICS FBI Criminal Background System. The only response returned is PROCEED, DELAYED, DENIED.  There are no details provided behind any response from your NICS check. Note to buyers....PLEASE KNOW YOUR LEGAL STATUS!  IF YOU CANNOT PASS A FEDERAL BACKGROUND CHECK, DO NOT INITIATE A PURCHASE!!  FAILED BACKGROUND CHECKS RESULT IN FEES, NOT REFUNDS.

If their approval comes back as DELAYED by the NICS search, the FBI has up to (3) business days to complete a manual review of the transfer request; after which they will either respond with PROCEED OR DENIED.  If there is not a formal response within the 3 day window, I am authorized to make a final decision.

And finally, if the transfer response is DENIED, the transfer of the firearm cannot continue.  At that point 2-Swords Tactical reserves the right to keep the transfer fee, and assess any additional shipping/handling charges.

In short, 2-Swords Tactical cannot be held responsible for the outcome of your background search, so please govern yourself accordingly.

***If you have already coordinated with our team and your transfer is on its way to our location, click this blue text to be directed to all the next steps you need to take before coming to collect your firearm(s).***


Whether it's a failed background check or buyer's remorse, any firearm that is not claimed will be considered "STRANDED" after multiple attempts to notify the purchaser (either by phone call, text, or email). From there the firearm will incur fees up to and including....

$0.35/day storage fee 
$50 Background Check Denial Fee 
$30 Inventory Adjustment Fee
$50 Return Handling Fee + Shipping

Please contact me at 770-765-2672 or once and item has shipped.  Once we get your notification, our team will send you a link with instructions for our firearm transfer process.  Again, please make sure you are in good legal standing, at lest 21 years old, and in compliance with all current ATF and state laws prior to having anything shipped to our team.  We are here to serve your needs, and will do our best to make things go efficient and orderly.