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  • on orders over $1000


Your firearm is on its way or has already arrived!  Please download the forms below and follow the steps to fill them out and have all supporting documents ready when you arrive to retrieve your firearm.  

          FORM 4473

1. On the form 4473, please fill out SECTION B only. We will sign and date upon pickup.
2. Please fill out the attached checklist as well, which gives you info pertaining to the transfer and gun ownership in GA.
3. Please send a pic of your GA drivers license, and your GA CCW if you have one.  If not just send your driver's license.  
4  You can email all this info to, for the background check. Or if you cannot email, you can text pictures of filled-out forms, along with your picture ID to 770-765-2672.  Once all is complete we will set up a time to pick up your order.
5.  Transfer fee is $35 for one gun and $15 for each additional gun transferred at the same time. Please pay using the featured product options at the bottom of this page. THIS ONLY APPLIES TO TRANSFERS! DISREGARD THIS FEE IF YOU PURCHASED FROM MY WEBSITE, OR PRE-ORDERED THROUGH STORE:>)

Of course if you have questions you can email or call me.  Thanks again for your business.
Mark Major
2-Swords Tactical & Defense, LLC

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