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News and Legislation

Watch Mark's latest review of the Magpul 60 round Drum Magazine. It is a great way to cut down on reloading.

Catch this video Promo of our newest training, Introduction to Defensive Shooting Fundamentals. This is a cutting edge new training that prepares you with the tools and experience you need to survive a Dynamic Critical Incident (DCI).

Watch Mark demo and discuss his Code Red Drill for higher caliber handguns. If you own or are looking into a 40 Caliber or higher firearm, you'll want to check out this video.

In this video Mark demonstrates the benefits of using a BAD Lever on you rifle. Check it out and let us know what you think.

See how the Walther PPS performs along side the Smith & Wesson Shield Plus. These are two Everyday Carry (EDC) pistols that can work great for the right reasons and shooter. See how Mark tests them out.

Here is a new video on how to sight your rifle. Today we're using a Strike Eagle optic mounted to a Tavor X95.

Check out these 2 Second Drills. I'm firing my CZ P-09 (aka "Gucci Gun"). This is how I keep my skills sharp, so they are there when I need them.

Here is a video demonstrating a pump and a semi automatic shotgun along with a variety of different ammunitions. If you've been looking for an introduction to shotguns watch this video and see they have to offer. 

We are excited to announce: 2 Swords Tactical & Defense is now an official Authorized Dealer for Smith & Wesson. This gives us exciting access to the latest products and promotions Smith & Wesson has to offer. Keep an eye on this website and sign up for our email newsletter to get the news first.

Owner Mark Major contributed to this CNN article. Click the picture below to read what he had to share...

It has been a while since I've taken my AK-47 through the paces. Watch the video below to see how it went.

The CZ P-09 is back from the shop where it received some upgrades. Watch me take you through the changes and show you how it performs.

Mark Major, Owner of 2 Swords Tactical & Defense, shares one of his favorite guns, the FNX-40, in this video below.

In this video 2 Swords Owner, Mark Major, shares and demonstrates his recommendation for the best small gun to carry while working out or jogging.

We contributed to an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Click the picture below to read what I've been observing...

The videos below share a personal test we did with of the effectiveness of a Body Armor Direct protective vest.

Helpful links to keep us patriots up to date on news and laws affecting our lives and liberties.