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  • on orders over $1000


A tip for online firearm shoppers!!

Remember to factor in all cost-factors when comparing pricing online. In addition to the list price, things like credit card fees, State sales tax, shipping, and FFL transfer fees all makeup the final price for your firearm purchase.

Always know that with 2 Swords Tactical & Defense, GA residents avoid FFL transfer fees, credit card fees, and shipping fees, whenever they purchase stock from our available website inventory. Also, if you purchase a 48hr quick-ship item from the 2 Swords warehouse inventory, you still avoid credit card and transfer fees in your final price.

Also, starting October 1st, 2021, an additional 2.5% cash discount will be made available to customers. This will also include Venmo, Zelle, and CashApp payments.

We share this information with you to help you see the full cost of purchasing a firearm online. Our hope is that this allows you, as you compare and window shop online, to make the most educated and cost effective choice in your gun purchasing.

We at 2 Swords Tactical & Defense are here to provide you with the best firearms, support and service. Contact us here to ask us questions and find out what we have to offer.