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Our Services

2 Swords Tactical and Defense provides the following services to its customers and public agencies.

​Firearm Instruction-Introduction:

For anyone who wishes to have a review and safety session with their new firearm, or learn the basics prior to purchasing, 2-Swords offers personal firearm introduction & safety sessions. The session prices vary, depending on the course and fees that apply.  You do not need to already have your CCW license, or own a gun to take the classes. We have the following classes available here or give us a call at 770-380-9452 to schedule a group session. 

Firearm Instruction-Tactical (Intermediate/Advanced):
2-Swords also provides intermediate and advanced tactical training for seasoned shooters, the security conscious, and the advanced professional. For those close to Georgia, please give us a call at 770-380-9452 to schedule a private session which can range from personal defense rifle or pistol, to home invasion strategies and tactics.  
Firearm Transfers:
2 Swords Tactical is an authorized FFL dealer and can receive any firearm purchased from any other firearms dealer. Once a copy of their FFL is received and verified, 2-Swords can initiate the Form 4473 with the transferee. The fee for this service is $35.00. We will run the full background check, per the NICS FBI Criminal Background System, and process your paperwork to comply with AFT requirements. 2-Swords Tactical cannot be held responsible for the outcome of your background search, so please govern your purchase accordingly.  Please note that if you make your purchase from 2-Swords Tactical, you will not be charged the transfer fee. 

In addition, 2-Swords Tactical will ship any purchase to any other FFL of your choice.  Shipping fees apply.  However, please note that we limit some shipments to states that have firearm restrictions, including magazine capacity, trigger pull standards, or features that make them illegal per that state's laws.  Check your state's legal requirements prior to purchasing anything from the 2-Swords Tactical website, or see the USCCA link  to check your state's laws.

2-Swords Tactical & Defense offers cleaning services for most model firearms!  If you need your EDC deep cleaned to remove daily wear and grime, drop it off for some tender care!  If your favorite rifle or shotgun has been through the ringer on a training class or hunting adverture; bring it to us for get cleaned up.  We use ultrasonic cleaning tanks, CLP, and the best elbow-grease available to make sure all of your firearm parts perform as intended. Pricing ranges between $30-$40, depending on make and model. Make an appointment by clicking here.